App Developer

Founder and developer of OpenProfile 5, the ultimate app for writers and Urban Legends, a new game coming soon.

Media Producer

Music and film producer known for working on Portal Quest, a Minecraft film series and Dragonights, a live-action TV series.

Original Writer

Fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi writer for many projects including, the Portal Quest Project, Dragonights, 5h4d0w, and many other projects.

Community Manager

Professional community manager and moderator with relations in over 40 communities including corperate ones.

AvatarKage is skilled at countless tasks including but not limited to webapp development, game development, storytelling, community management, project management, content moderation, music producing, film producing, content creating, social marketing, and brand management.

Brands I've worked with

Blacklite District
Additional to these I've worked for over 40 smaller communities and projects.

What people had to say!

"AvatarKage is a lovely person on both professional and personal levels. He's done some fantastic work for my projects, particularly the official CreatoryX Brand Designs, and he's always been open to feedback and revisions to achieve the final initial appearance of the brand. He is always adamant about succeeding in whatever he does, and it shows. As a moderator, he has always been concerned about server safety and has shown a commitment to help maintain clean chats and member safety. He has always been helpful by providing his insight and ideas on what could have been done or modified in my work. He's a great guy to have around." - Kira Kun, CreatoryX CEO

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