About AvatarKage

Last updated: April 30, 2024

Meet AvatarKage (born March 23, 2003), often referred to as Avatar or Kage, a self-taught professional hailing from the southeastern United States. His educational journey led him through high school, with a focus on hands-on learning and a commitment to mastering a diverse skill set.

Currently, AvatarKage assumes management and security roles for various online communities, showcasing a remarkable ability to transform personal interests into strategic pursuits. His career path, spanning from film development to community management, exemplifies a dedication to converting passion into tangible opportunities. A noteworthy career milestone for AvatarKage includes becoming a corporate community moderator, a brief yet impactful experience that positions him for future leadership roles in this category and more.

Distinguished by his proficiency across digital domains such as animations, graphic designs, music production, app development, and community management, AvatarKage excels particularly in community management, content moderation, and fictive writing. Beyond the digital sphere, AvatarKage finds joy in films, music, gaming, martial arts, and a diverse set of interests including pre-history, cyberpunk, and outer space.

His portfolio boasts notable projects like the Minecraft animated series "Portal Quest," the video game "Urban Legends", and the most advanced character profile in the world, "OpenProfile 5". He also serves as a community manager for Blacklite District and as CreatoryX's Chief Design Officer.

Beyond his professional contributions, AvatarKage is dedicated to making a positive global impact trough his upcoming non-profit, the Moon Stone Warriors. It's aim is to address global issues like world hunger, climate change, and homelessness with backup support from the film industry.

In his downtime, AvatarKage enjoys playing video games, learning about technology, and maintaining a balanced and approachable professional persona. Looking forward, AvatarKage aspires to transition into a full-time film producer career while continuing his dedication to content creation and community management. His professional journey reflects a commitment to making a lasting impact on the world, one project at a time.