Last updated: May 31, 2023

♾️ Discord Partnered Server / ✅ Verified Server

NASCAR (01/29/23 - 03/09/23)

QOATA (01/26/23 - 03/09/23)

FrediSaal (11/19/22 - 03/09/23)

CreatoryX (07/29/22 - Present)

Modflow (04/09/22 - 03/09/23)

Portal Quest Studios (02/20/22 - Present)

AgentIllusion73 (02/08/22 - 03/09/23)

NerdOut (11/03/21 - 03/09/23)


AvatarKage is 20-year-old multi-artist and a content creator on many platforms currently focusing on EDM and film production while managing many other smaller projects. He also owns a cross-platform community called 5h4d0w which revolves around arts, games, and music of all kinds. Additionally, Avatar is a professional moderator and have served in over 40 Discord servers as a moderator and/or community administrator including FrediSaal's and NASCAR's official communities.


(10 years experience) Writing
Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Blog, Tutorials

(3 years experience) Moderation
Discord servers, Minecraft servers, subreddits, groups

(6 years experience) Animation
Stop-motion, Minecraft, stickfigure, 3D, Gacha

(3 years experience) Administration
Discord servers, Minecraft servers, subreddits, groups

(4 years experience) Developing
Websites, Discord bots

(3 years experience) Supervising
Discord servers, animation projects

(3 years experience) Designing
Branding assets, icons, banners, webpages

(10 years experience) Artist
Illustrations, backgrounds, Minecraft skins, pixel

(3 years experience) Producer
Animation projects, electronic music, ambient tracks

(3 years experience) Director
Animation projects

(3 years experience) Modeling

"AvatarKage is a lovely person on both professional and personal levels. He's done some fantastic work for my projects, particularly the official CreatoryX Brand Designs, and he's always been open to feedback and revisions to achieve the final initial appearance of the brand. He is always adamant about succeeding in whatever he does, and it shows. As a moderator, he has always been concerned about server safety and has shown a commitment to help maintain clean chats and member safety. He has always been helpful by providing his insight and ideas on what could have been done or modified in my work. He's a great guy to have around." - Kira Kun, CreatoryX CEO